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"live the life YOU want to live"


Why KC?

You're a millennial! So that means big dreams, a heavy bucket list, and a high speed chase of that sweet quality of life. 

The bottom line is, when it comes to your money, you need help and that's what KC is all about. 

KC works with millennials to help with budgeting, debt management, investing, and so much more. 


Budgeting and Debt Management

KC helps by developing a spending plan that works uniquely for you as well as helping to face your debt with confidence.

Year around, comprehensive financial planning

I guess you had us at "hello". KC will work with you throughout the year to make sure that plans and goals stay current.

Investment Management

Interesting in subjects like stocks and bonds but have no idea where to start? KC can help with that. 

Estate Planning and tax-advantage Planning 

From helping you find the best, non-biased life insurance plans, to helping you and your attorney put together a plan for the your future, KC is here for that.


Get in touch

Boston, Ma 508-828-0325

"To the goal-chasing, big-dreaming, adventure-seeking millennial, I built KC for you"

-Shennelleh Kaine, Founder of KC

Shennelleh Kaine
Founder of KC

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