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More than
Financial Advisors,
We are a success institute.

Financial + Life Coaching for Today's Professionals.

Kaine Capital

At Kaine Capital, we don't just look at the numbers. We strive to make holistic wellness a reality for our clients by crafting custom-tailored financial plans that help them reach attainable goals and live their best life. Through interactive sessions and ongoing support, we envision every individual understanding and managing their money strategically, so they can step closer towards achieving their dreams. That's why we focus on going beyond simple wealth management - helping our clients become stronger versions of themselves through meaningful actionable steps supported with guidance from our experienced team!

Black owned.
FOr Black wealth.
for black excellence.

Shennelleh Kaine


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The Team

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Shennelleh Kaine

Jacqueline Jones

Founder & Financial Advisor

Success Coach

"I'm Shennelleh Kaine, the founder of Kaine Capital and a seasoned professional in the Financial Industry. I'm passionate about helping those who are often overlooked and underserved – people who strive for successful results but need an inclusive, holistic and innovative approach to get there.  Personal development and entrepreneurship go hand in hand for me - if entrepreneurship is the motor that solves many problems, then personal development is what fuels it. Through my work at Kaine Capital, I strive to provide an inclusive and holistic approach to achieving success. When I'm not working, you can find me getting creative - exploring different artistic expressions through cooking & baking, theater, comedy shows, DIY craft projects and more. Refreshing my body & mind through the arts is invigorating to me and helps spark my creativity which translates back to my profession."

Hello! My name is Jacqueline Jones and I'm 26 years old. I am a success coach at Kaine Capital and very passionate about creating a future we all can be proud of! My personal mission is to make a difference and help people as much as I can. Stability has always been incredibly important to me, both for my mental health and overall wellbeing. I have an indomitable spirit, drive, ambition - and not to mention a love for seeing Black people succeed! I thrive when it comes to honing time management, detail-oriented practices, encouraging accountability in others, and fostering strong work ethics. It brings me sheer joy meeting new people, developing lasting relationships, problem solving challenges, and contributing to the growth of Kaine Capital. Let's make it happen!




Ongoing Financial Advice

A One-Stop Solution. 


  • Comprehensive Financial Planning

  • Monthly Plan Monitoring

  • Life Coaching Integration

  • Long-Term Financial Stability

  • Powered By Your Vision


Investment Management

Portfolios for anyone. 


  • Custom-Made Portfolios

  • Achieve Financial Goals

  • Personalized Approach

  • Diversify and Maximize Returns

  • Dedicated Support

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