Investment Management 
See what happens when you go beyond the savings account.

Three Simple Steps


  • We gather key documents and financial statements to analyze them.
  • We take stock of your Assets & Liabilities to get a better understanding of your net-worth.
  • You tell us what you want your money to do for you.


  • Education session: Fundamentals of investing and what it can do for you. ( Ex. how to invest in stocks and bonds for beginners)
  • We deliver an analysis of your financial statements
  • We conduct a risk assessment.
  • We communicate to clearly define your goals and time horizon.


  • We present to you a proposal based on the strategies we believe will best suit your goals and current financial situation.
  • We make a decision on the rules we will follow to ensure that you are comfortable with your portfolio and with the next steps. 
  • We present an action list and begin to execute.
Once this onboarding phase is completed, you will receive reports on a quarterly basis and scheduled meetings on a bi-annual basis.​
What will your money do for you?
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