As a woman of impact, you have unique needs. It's about time you find an advisor who focuses on that. 

Shennelleh, Founder & CEO

Sighhh.. Here it goes.


It's not that women are different from men so therefore we are in need of more pink washing (ps. I personally like a whole lot of pink), or more tissues and sensitivity than men. I think the issue here is that due to some differences between the genders, there are some unique needs and challenges that tend to present themselves more frequently in one gender than it does in another. When we are aware of these things, we can make better decisions when planning out our lives.

The reality today is that we are seeing women become more driven than ever before. We are taking up positions as CEOs, founders, executive board members, and more. This "Boss lady" movement is driving us to solve problems and drive impact in a way that is unprecedented

Sadly, another reality today is that when it comes to planning out our lives we sometimes become fearful or neglect to give special attention to other important factors. Some of these are included below. 

  1. Did you know that on average, women live longer than men and therefore need to plan for a longer retirement? Don't get me started on healthcare costs!

  2. Our desires of parenthood should never automatically cancel out our opportunities of CEO-ing or going after our dreams in big way. The fear of doing more should never be thing!

  3. lastly, There is a lack of representation in finance for women. I mean, who better to empower and advocate for us than other women who are equipped to do just that? 

So, about number three. While this statistic is starting to change, today there is still a serious lack of  gender diversity in the financial services industry. In fact, that lack of diversity seems to be present in so many other areas of commerce

This has got to change. 

We all know that knowledge equals power so as your new financial consultant, I went ahead and created some experiences that work to empower women through education and relationships. So with that being said, I present to you the types of relationships that I am excited to offer: 

Get empowered (1).png

Ideal for professionals, this is a collaborative journey where you can learn to manage your finances and successfully reach your goals.

Master your business (1).png

Combine the usefulness of the Financial Empowerment program with our CFO services to not only reach your personal goals, but meet your business needs as well.

Investment management (2).png

Learn the principles of investing and let's collaborate to grow your wealth and make healthy decisions. 

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Not ready for a program, get started on a session or two to fix some immediate problems you may have.

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